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Probate Fees

Pricing Information

  • We do not charge by reference to time spent (i.e by hourly rates) but instead seek to agree with you either a fixed fee for the whole matter with which you want us to help, or a fixed monthly amount for the duration of our instructions.
  • For very simple estates – for example, estates where there is no property to sell or perhaps only the main residence, and along with this there are limited financial assets – bank accounts, for example, but no shares or share portfolios – we would charge you in the region of £750 plus VAT per month and disbursements and we would expect matters to take around six months to complete.
  • For estates made more complex due to there being a need to make an inheritance tax return, where there are multiple UK properties and/or shares, we would charge you in the region of £900 plus VAT per month and disbursements and we would expect matters to take up to twelve months to complete.
  • For complicated and large value estates, especially if there are assets abroad or the deceased person was non UK domiciled, we would charge a minimum of £1,200 plus VAT per month and disbursements and we would expect matters to take at least twelve months to complete, possibly as long as twenty four months.
  • As above, our fee is exclusive of VAT – and so 20% will be added to our fees for VAT.
  • The likely disbursements include
    • Probate Application Fee of £273
    • Copy Grants of Probate at £1.50 per copy (if requested at the time of the Grant Application)
    • Property Title Searches at £3 each
    • Bankruptcy Searches at £2 each

Service Information

  • Included in the quoted price are the following services:
    • Collating and reviewing the deceased’s papers to determine what they owned and owed (at the outset of matters, normally taking up to two weeks to send correspondence to relevant banks and other businesses);
    • Preparing the inheritance tax account (carried out when all information about the deceased is received, normally taking up to one week);
    • Applying for the Grant of Representation (taking place when all above information is available and normally taking one to two weeks);
    • Collecting in the deceased’s assets (taking place after receiving the Grant and normally taking several weeks);
    • Settling the deceased’s debts (taking place immediately upon being in receipt of funds);
    • In simple matters, settling the deceased’s income tax affairs (taking place when all information is available and usually taking no more than a few weeks);
    • Finalising inheritance tax matters (taking place throughout the administration, can take several months);
    • Distributing the estate (taking place at the end of the administration and usually taking no longer than one week)
  • NOT included are the following services;
    • Conveyancing;
    • Varying the terms of the Will or intestacy and any tax planning;
    • Settling more complicated income tax affairs;
    • Any contentious or disputed matters
  • The work will be carried out by James Hall and Bal Gaddu, the qualifications and experience of whom can be found on this website.